A solution for NYC Dept of Buildings 311 complaints and avoid DOB ECB DOT violations

What We Do

Trouble's coming to knock at your door? We'll let you know.

At DOB Alerts, we act as your construction watchdog, making sure that your worksite is secure and safe. We monitor your jobsite's condition electronically, checking the NYC Building Department's system continuously throughout the day for 311 complaints. If a complaint is registered, we'll notify you via email and cell phone text messages, allowing you to resolve the problem quickly before a summons or stop work order is posted. DOB Alerts is easy to set up- just supply us with the property address of your jobsite and then relax. ‘Cause if anything happens, we're on alert!

  • Know what to fix and when: Each alert details the exact complaint, along with the designated priority level assigned by New York City's Building Department.
  • Spread the info: As the master account holder, you'll receive all notifications for all of your properties. You can also designate four additional individuals for each property, such as the foreman or manager, to receive related notifications.
  • Affordable Fees:
    - Low-price homeowner option
    - Special multiple property prices