“STOP WORK orders? Violations? Hazards at the site? No biggie.” - said no New Yorker ever

You’re a BIG believer in prevention

Spending 3 months in the ECB offices getting a stop order lifted is NOT in your plan. How about paying an expeditor to peel off violations while you ALSO pay a mortgage on a dead jobsite? Or scrambling to find other work for your guys so they don’t float away?
Not your style, right?
You’re proactive. You want to know about anonymous 311 complaints BEFORE the inspector does.

Are you in this for the long game?

The stakes are high on a jobsite, and reliability is the key. You need a system you can feel confident in. An experienced company with a solid reputation. That’s us.

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Since we focus on just one thing, we got pretty good at it

Our single-minded focus is our alert system.
It’s all alerts.
Only alerts.
All the time.

Our system is powerful and comprehensive

  • It completes its circle of all listed properties in all 5 boroughs every hour, 24/7.
  • Alerts include complaint details + priority level, so you know what to fix and when.
  • A team of programmers constantly updates our software and eliminates bugs.

And here’s what we don’t do

  • We’re not baiting you to sign up for other services.
  • We’re not pushing fancy features you have NO patience for.
  • We’re not using you as a guinea pig - to see if our software REALLY works.

We’re your objective watchdog. We sniff the problem, you handle it your way.

Want to keep construction cruisin’ along?

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