A solution for NYC Dept of Buildings 311 complaints and avoid DOB ECB DOT violations

Who We Are

We are here to save you money.

We are here to help you AVOID Dept of Buildings violations and STOP WORK ORDER.

We are here to help you AVOID going down to the ECB and sit there for hours wasting your time and money.

STOP being a victim of NYC’s 311 anonymous report your neighbor system and let us help you AVOID all that nonsense!

Our construction project should have gone as planned. We had the proper permits and the right paperwork. But instead of enjoying the fruits of our labor, we were stuck with half-finished work and countless DOB and ECB violations, weeks of stop work orders, and thousands of dollars in fines.

Throughout it all, we just kept on thinking- if only we had known before. We could have fixed the broken gate before the inspector showed up. We could have cleaned up the fallen debris before receiving a summons. We could have solved the problems before they escalated into months of lost work and tons of money down the drain.
If only we had known before.

After the dust settled down and the job was complete we created a simple, powerful solution:DOB Alerts.

DOB Alerts is a one-of-a kind, revolutionary service that services the five boroughs of New York City with timely phone and email alerts filled with important information, detailing the complaint and the priority level as designated by the NYC Building Department. DOB Alerts gives contractors, architects, property managers, carpenters, developers, and homeowners the ability to know before.
Problem solved.